Touching People, Changing People 感動人,改變人


Since its inception in 2004, Shanghai University MBA Education (SHU MBA) proves it’s   entrepreneurial, quality and loyalty nature by creating its unique governance and education model, which is responsible for the university and community. The first slogan we advocated publicly in 2004 is“Touching People, Changing People感動人、改變人”. We adapt the uniqueness, the quality, and the business education responsibility to impress and change people socially and globally. Thus, we may be the first MBA in China which joined the Principle of Responsible Management Education (PRME) of Global Compact of United Nations with the support and coach from Mr. Fred Dubee, the former previous China Head of Global Compact.

We trust education is not necessarily the exclusive right of the university. Instead, “Education” should be the joint talent-developing project equally contributed by the triple-helix: “University”, “Industry”, and “Government”, collectively named as “UIG”. Similarly, we trust “Community” and “Organization” in the new global era should jointly be built by “UIG”. In sum, the “Education”, “Industry”, and “Organization”, collectively named as “ECO”, is actually a compact of UIG; and therefore we label this complex as the “ECO Compact”, which also means an ECO-system for our next global frame. Based on this, every element of SHU MBA is built and supported by this “ECO Compact”, which forms the core part of the unique “SHU MBA Model” or “SHU MBA Way”. 

SHU MBA’s unique governance structure is one of the examples for this. Since 2004, we have had the campus-wide “University Management Committee” to get advices, supports, and participations from various disciplines, authorities and experts across the campus, as shown in Table One. The Chairman of the Committee is the Vice-President in charge of Graduate Education of Shanghai University. Besides this Management Committee, we also have “Program Community Board of Directors”, which is mainly formed by the business and community elites who understand and share our mission, vision and dream, which are the blood and tissue of every stakeholder of SHU MBA. We are forming the “Academic Committee” when we are now in the mature stage of our ECO faculty team, composed of qualified academic elites as well as business and community practitioners who are well-equipped with an excellence academic and business qualifications. This will be chaired by our “Principal Professor” who is actually a well-respected academic with plenty of experiences as a leader of Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai. 

SHU MBA is also well-respected by it’s uniqueness “SHU MBA Model” which is originated from a mission (Since 2004) formed by one of the key education thoughts of SHU (Whole-person), talent expectations of Shanghai (Global Local) and talent uniqueness of MBA locally and globally (Can Trust and Work With). This mission is “ Developing Outstanding Whole-Person and Global Local Talents People can Trust and Work with ”(培養全面發展可相信與可共事的Global Local人才). This mission frames the talent development outcomes which our education has to achieve. These are“All-round and whole-person talents”,“Global Local Talents” and “Know-Lligence Talents (from experience knowing, campus learning to doing and being intelligence). This unique “SHU MBA Model” is blooded by the resources and talents from “UIG” through the ecosystem of the “ECO Compact”. In the first ten-year (2004 – 2014), we focused all the efforts on building this “SHU MBA Model” with the greater amount of quality and commitment. Our vision in 2004 is to be “Excel in Whole-Person and Global Local(成為卓越的全面發展和Global Local的教育)”. 

In 2015, by leveraging our first ten-year achievements and competencies, we re-frame the Vision for the next ten-year (2015-2024). This is“Be Influential Graduate Management Education Globally and Locally in Business World  (to China Dream and Global Dream)(走進世界、走進產業;提供具有貢獻與影響力的一流研究生商學院教育 ”. We need more talents from “UIG” in our “ECO Compact” to achieve it. We sincerely invite you to join us if you share our Mission, Vision and Dream.

Developing Outstanding Whole-Person and Global Local Talents People can Trust and Work with
培養全面發展、可相信與可共事的Global Local人才

Excel in Whole-Person and Global Local
成為卓越的全面發展和Global Local的教育

Be Influential Graduate Management Education Globally and Locally in Business World 

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