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Creating Business In China (CBIC)


Creating Business in China (CBIC) is non-degree program specially designed for foreign people to experience, starting and doing business in China based on action learning, supplemented by on-line and off-line training. This program is co-hosted by Shanghai University MBA Center and its partners with the aim to provide foreign people to
  Understand policy and business environment of China Shanghai Free Trade Zone (China SFTZ) as a policy
    takers and entrepreneurs;
  Understand business skills for starting and operating business in China;
  Understand and search for business opportunity and business model in China SFTZ and other regions of
  Understand and experience the practical process of registering and starting a company in China SFTZ;
  Create a new idea of future business plan by using China SFTZ as a business hub to develop market in
  Stimulate the entrepreneurship skills through real technology and innovation project.

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