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The SHU MBA Mentor-Mentee Scheme (the “Scheme”) has a rich heritage since the beginning of 2004. The Scheme aims to provide an effective platform between corporate and industry experts (the Mentors) and SHU MBA students (the Mentees). The students have an average of 8 years’ work experience in mid management level and are looking for a career mentor to guide and coach them for their career development. SHUMBA proposed the concept of "ECO Mentor" firstly in 2012. SHUMBA invites excellent leaders in Education, Community and Organization as Mentors, building the bridge between SHUMBA students and ECO Mentors, between school and society. 


SHU MBA Mentor-Mentee Scheme aims to provide an effective platform for successful and socially responsible corporate and industry elites (the Mentors) to coach SHU MBA students (the Mentees) for a better life. This includes:

• Being:
      • Develop high level of ethical value, responsible life attitude and business professionalism

• Doing:
      • Gain more practical insights and networking in the business community
      • Seek personal and career advice from the Mentors

• Knowing:
      • Develop personal and career self-management skills through mentors’ coaching
      • Learn more from different country culture in corporate

A mentor is a trust counselor, a guide, a coach, a motivator, a partner, a supporter, an advisor, an advocate, a role model or a caring friend of his/her mentee(s) for the preferred focus of the above. However, it is still possible for mentor and mentee to set alternative focus and activities they are interested in. 

Mentors are also encouraged to bring mentees into practical work place for gaining better business and personal insights, and involve mentees in social activities for connecting them to other leaders for building up more social capital. Mentees may also expect mentors to provide coaching to stretch them to achieve their better potential and challenge their intellectual talents.

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