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Personal and Career Development Initiative


Dear students,

Welcome to Shanghai University MBA.

Your MBA journey encompasses a course of spontaneous studies targeted to enhance your professional qualifications and to fulfill your career development expectations. In the next two and a half years, you will experience challenges from the school, your families and your workplace. These challenges can be daunting or even defeating at times. However, hang in there and you’ll find it an extremely valuable period of your life, because you can benefit from our scientifically crafted curriculum and advance your business expertise from the distinguished faculty from many parts of the world, learn to solve complex real-world problems, utilize our faculty’s rich industry experience and plan a career path that maximizes your strengths, and groom yourselves to become more effective leaders. More importantly, your mentors will assist you in developing your critical thinking further, fine-tuning your values and perspectives, promoting your awareness of ethical conducts, and applying your skills and values to both your professional and personal life.

We set up Personal and Career Development Department (PCDD) under the Program Office, aiming to create a platform where our student can meet our Mentors and experts to help them to understand their life and career plan (Personal Development); to identify their career development needs and potential ability (Career Development);and even to explore themselves for personal life or career development (Global Mobility) by using the global environment.

In PCDD, our responsibilities are:


We will support and arrange the personal and career courses, seminars, workshops and activities beyond the classroom according to programs’ needs.


We will invite experts and corporate mentors who can guide the students to analyze their needs, to identify their strength and weakness and to explore their potential ability.

We appreciate that you can join SHUMBA and cooperate with us in helping you better yourself.




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