Monday Coaching

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Monday Coaching


Monday Coaching is one part of the Business Professionalism and Ethical Leadership course. SHUMBA invites the senior corporate executive as a coach to help students enhance their professional behavior and improve relationships. Students will be divided into small coaching groups. In the first meeting, the coach will help to set specific individual objectives and goals focus on developing potential, improving behavior and tracking performance. It is a process of self-leadership that enables people to gain clarity about who they are, what they are doing, why they are doing it, and where they want to go. Each student will have a coaching file to record the process with comments by an observer. In the second meeting, the coach will check the improvements and give further suggestions.

Since August, 2015, we have organized Coaching 11 times for 56 Global and Local students, and the Review of the first phase of coaching will be in January 2016.

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