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Student Clubs


SHU MBA學生俱樂部(Student Club)是海大學MBA學生的群眾性組織。為了實現SHU MBA三個人才培養特色與目標,除課程外,我們鼓勵學生自主成立俱樂部,在俱樂部的活動中培養個人領導力、團隊合作能力、主動推動個人職業發展等能力,并在SHU MBA中心與學生之間、不同項目學生之間、不同年級學生之間、不同學校與機構之間架起合作的橋梁。目前俱樂部共設三個說類別:文體藝型俱樂部、功能型俱樂部、社會服務型俱樂部。

SHU MBA Student Club (Student Club) is a student organization. Students will develop their leadership skill, teamwork, and other ability to promote personal interest and career interests during the club. Student Club also build the network with different programs, regions, organizations and  other MBAs.

On Dec.2014, After 3 fetes by the Student Union in the Yangtze River Delta classes, Shanghai. We completed the first 365 Library in “Project Hope” Primary School in Anhui Province.

SHUMBA Clubs List

Business and Professional Clubs
 Finance Club2014-2015Carolyn WU吳英男,2013Global Finance MBA
 German Club2013-2014George QIU邱曉宇,2013Global China MBA
 English Club2012-2014Catherine HUANG黃小萍(Graduated in 2014),2012Global Local MBA

Sports and Recreation Clubs
 Dance Club2013-2014Lotus FU富福蓮(Graduated in 2014),2012Global Local MBA
 Swimming Club2013-2014Rebecca YE葉蓓(Graduated in 2014),2012Global Local MBA
 Football Club2013-2014David WANG汪錫志,2012Global Local MBA
 Basketball Club2013-2014Rain TIAN田紅雨,2012Global Local MBA
 Taiji Club2013-2014
Rufus HUA華晨,2012Global Local MBA
 Table tennis & 
 Badminton Club
2012-2015Joyce SHEN沈霞婷(Graduated in 2015),2012Global China MBA
 Outdoor Club2013-2014Andrew XIAO肖楠楠(Graduated in 2015),2012Global China MBA

Social Services Clubs
 Charity Club2014-2015Gates LI李遠寶,2013Global Local MBA(Yangtze River Delta)

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