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In order to make our SHU MBA talent development model and SHU MBA teaching methods into reality, we need faculty coming from university, industry and public sectors. There are totally 177 faculty with 70% as our university or school-level contracted internal faculty, and 30% as our external faculty. Our internal faculty includes (i) High-end foreign expert, Professor, Associate Professor, and Lecturer from SHU, and (ii) formally contracted Dual Faculty coming from our partnered universities and partnered corporations. On the other hand, our external faculty includes Nominated Faculty from our partnered schools, Adjunct faculty from universities and practicing world, and Guest faculty. They form stable, experienced and diversified faculty mix to achieve our emphasis on the teaching methods of case teaching, action learning, experimental learning, and problem-based learning into global and all round perspectives.

為了使全球獨特上大MBA模式與上大MBA教學方法的實現,我們的師資組合分別來自"university";學校,"industry"產業和"public"公共領域,F在共有177位老師,其中74%是上大各學院或上大MBA中心合同老師(統稱內部老師)。另外,26%為我們校外邀請的教師。我們的內部教師包括上海大學的(i)國家級外國高級專家,教授,副教授和講師、(ii)來自我們的合作院;蚝献髌髽I的合同雙聘教授(dual faculty)。另一方面,我們外部教師包括我們合作院校的推薦的教授,來自其他學校和企業的客座教授,以及客座教師。以上的高質量師資隊伍,組成了我們穩定的,經驗豐富的以及多元化的師資隊伍,從而進一步實現了我們以global local (glocal)與全面發展(allround)為角度的"案例教學(case teaching),行動學習(action learning),實驗學習(experimental learning) 和以問題導向學習(problem-based learning)"的教學方法。 


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